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Nagaland State Lottery Eve Result 7PM Online 25-10-2015


Nagaland State Lottery Eve Result 7PM Online 25-10-2015

Here is today’s Result, you can check your Winning Numbers here But match with original Gazette.




Nagaland 7PM State Lottery Eve Result Online 25-10-2015

Nagaland State Lottery Eve Result 7PM Online 25-10-2015




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  1. Arindam sarkar

    Send me the last number of the 1st prize by mail

  2. t jai sriniwas

    my lottery number 79 E 55034
    please results information please?

  3. Ujjwal

    Please give me a any win number by my email

  4. kartick ghosh

    Ki rakam khalchin sir a rakom khal a biasness doke utbe.


    Please provide us your mail id and contact numbers for coresspondence

  6. tanveer

    today nagaland lottery 4pm 90079 play advance thanks

  7. sahin

    my lottery number 91e 12079

  8. manojeet

    Plz help me in lottrey give Success number advance

  9. kapil deb mondal

    What is today’s nagaland evening lucky number?14/12/2016

    • Rajesh

      Today morning terget number 09/12/2017 11:55am

  10. AB

    Where to send scanned copy of documents for claiming prize money 1st. Prize Rs.5100000.00 through email.Pl guide

  11. M Rajbanshi

    Sir mera two lakh rupees hogaya kuch 2nd prz de do mera number 78G 28325 8pm 18.02.2017

  12. Raju Kandu

    Ata Amar Ticket Number 91A 74287 Sir Plz Aye Number Ta Aaj Khelan Plz Singam Number Ata

    • Dutt

      We are publisher not prize distributor… thank you happy to help u

    • Dutt

      We are publisher not prize distributor… thank you happy to help u

  13. kundan roy

    sir mera to lakh rupya dub gaya h kuch to prize hume bhi de mere no my no 50794 h

  14. kundan roy

    sr mera bhi lakh rs dub gaya h mera no h 50794 luky no h

  15. Kalu da

    Game for life
    Luck apna apna

  16. Pritam

    Please sent my email any wining no

  17. Rajkumar Roy

    Sir Ami 4-5 manth lottery’s katchi but keno number lagch na hoy tar age number kinm Ba tar pore number lagch are parchi na ki korbo help korun…

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