Padmini Weekly is Draw by the Maharashtra State Government Lottery.  Result has declared at Nov 2015 at Mumbai, Shivadi East.  For all the other winning tickets of Padmini Weekly Draw Result 24 November 2015 is given below image which was posted on the Government of Maharashtra official website. The winners should confirm their ticket numbers.

Padmini Weekly 24 Nov 2015 Result draw 24/11/2015 at

112420151755376624.11.2015 N72 Padmini-page-001

112420151755376624.11.2015 N72 Padmini-page-002

Padmini Weekly 24 Nov 2015 Result draw 24/11/2015 PDF:

Lottery Name Date
Padmini weekly draw 24/11/2015
Maharashtra Sagali Mini Draw 24/11/2015
Surbhi painganga weekly draw 24/11/2015
SagarLaxmi weekly Draw 23/11/2015
Surbhi Tapi weekly draw 23/11/2015
Maharashtra Pune Mini Lottery Draw 23/11/2015
Maharashtra Gajlaxmi Draw 22/11/2015
Maharashtra Mohini Draw 22/11/2015
Maharashtra Nagpur Mini Draw 21/11/2015
Surbhi Shastri weekly draw 21/11/2015


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